Posted on Jul 13, 2020

Deva Steels Roofing sheets - manufacturers and suppliers

Deva's Decking sheet is a low cost alternative .steel deck that provides a stable and safe working platform to allow wet concrete to be poured. Structural steel Deck sheet also acts as a tensile reinforcement imparting strength to the concrete slab. steel decking sheets wich are manufactured by deva steels are suitable for all forms of construction steel frame, concrete frame. Steel decking sheets have wide application across Infrastructural, industrial and commercial segments. using devas decking sheet for building can actually be a good choice and cost efficient . You are saving around 7-12% while using devas decking sheet . this is because we manufacturer of our products . the pros of using decking sheet for your constructions are - 1)Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength and less deflection 2) Saves on concrete and reinforcement cost 3)Speedy construction ensures faster project completion 4) Precision engineered; brings greater economy and design freedom 5) Greater corrosion resistance provides long life 6) Ease of installation combined with safety 7) Simple trapezoidal profile enables ease in overlapping 8) Acts as permanent shuttering, stronger than conventional shuttering
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